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Restarting Qdbs - anybody interested?

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Sat Oct 29 2011, 13:10:24
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It's been 2 years and nothing is heard from Jobe, so I am consider rewriting QdbS from scratch. Anybody interested?
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Sat Feb 25 2012, 18:14:52
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Instead of starting from scratch why not add and take. I've been looking into making QdbS usable with different softwares, I've already wrote my own Softacolous script for an Auto Installer.
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Thu Mar 15 2012, 14:51:14
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I don't like the current templating system, and I think Jobe was planning on rewriting the whole QdbS anyway.
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Wed May 02 2012, 18:04:53

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Yeah sorry for the delay, I've been having difficulties motivating myself for the past few years. I am still around though.

Sorry I missed this post, don't know how I managed that.

As for progress on QdbS 2, it's current state is as such:
The Front end is mostly finished (might find tweaks to make yet), but the Admin CP is incomplete, and I havn't yet written an installer/upgrader yet either.

And given my lack of self motivation I am considering looking for someone to help finish QdbS 2 off. So if you're interested please feel free to drop by #qdbs on I'm usually around lurking. At this rate though I may scrap what I have with QdbS 2 and start from scratch again.

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